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Broccoli IS good: words on identity

The concept of identity is so damn weird.
We spend our childhood, for the most part, doing whatever the heck we want. We make choices and we try activities and we more or less do what feels good, fun or what we are forced to do by the adults around us. Through that we begin to find our likes and dislikes, what makes us happy and what we are good at. We little by little find out who we are.
Then, at some point, people start telling us who we are.
And here’s the kicker: we believe them.

We spent how many years of our childhood never believing our parents when they said broccoli was good (it is) and that we’d have fun at school ( for the most part truth), but the minute someone said “You are not…” or “You are too..” it was automatically engrained into our person.

What was I told that I believed?

I was: too sensitive, not normal, a silly talker, too fat, a nerd, four eyes, not cool, not popular, not talented, not worth it.
The list, in this moment, seems endless.
And yet, I didn’t believe that broccoli was good.

Then as we get older and become a teenager and go into high school the voices get louder and louder.
And all we are told is that “sticks and stones make break your bones but words will never hurt you”
Sorry not sorry that’s BS.

I want you to close your eyes for thirty seconds and I bet you can think of AT LEAST 3 phrases that have hurt you. If you can’t that’s great!
And I get the fact that words shouldn’t have power over us. And you give people permission, etc. etc.

But that’s not my point.

My point is that as a child and a teenager we are told a LOT OF WORDS involving our identity.
And really, shouldn’t we be the only ones who decipher who we are?

It reminds me of that scene in Runaway Bride where the main character is figuring out what type of eggs she likes. She’s only ever like the type of eggs that man she is with likes and she doesn’t know that piece of herself.
She’s probably a woman in her mid to late 20s and she doesn’t know what type of eggs she likes because she’s spent the last few years letting other people tell her what she liked.

So here’s my question: why don’t we teach kids how to find who they are? Why don’t we let them explore and fail and not try broccoli, but instead we tell them they’re too loud or too quiet or too sensitive?

Identity is defined as the of being who or what a person or thing is.

The weird part about identity is we are already thing we are supposed to be, but it’s just been bogged down and covered and marred by phrases and traumas and statements that other people believed were true. Just because something is a lie to me doesn’t mean it’s not truth to another person.

Just because something started as a lie to me doesn’t mean it can’t become a truth I walk in.

That’s not great I realize, but it doesn’t mean it can’t happen or hasn’t happened.

Identity is weird because AS MUCH as we need people to not tell us who we are, and to not define us, we also need other people to tell us who we are.

We need people to remind us of the beautiful undeniably true things.

Take my work wife Victoria.

Pure joy of pre summer 2k18

I met her four years ago and we didn’t really become friends til a few months later, but she is without a doubt one of the kindest, giving humans I’ve ever met.
She gives more grace than she believes she is capable of, she loves harder and more authentically than most humans.
Victoria cares so much.
But I don’t think she’d ever say that about herself. So, I make sure to try to tell her and remind her. I am not perfect at it, but I know she doesn’t always believe those things so I just want her to know that I see her and I see her beauty.
Identity is weird because we do sort of need the world to tell us who we are. We need them to see the beauty we are sometimes incapable of seeing and the nooks and crannies we’ve been told so often aren’t there.

Identity is weird because we need to filter what people tell us and toss out what we don’t need and keep what we do.

Identity is weird because we are already who we are- we just have to figure out who that is.

We have to make the choice to believe broccoli is good and what kind of eggs we do or don’t like (like: scrambled, fried, poached, over easy. don’t like: hard boiled, egg salad). We have to reframe things that have become truths in our life or toss them out all together.

And we have to actively remind people of the good in them, because that stirs up the good in us.

About a year ago or so I was in a place where I kind of, sort of, wanted nothing to do with God. But I had made commitments to show up to different things, so I showed up.
One night I went to a prophetic worship night at my church and I 150% didn’t want to participate.
But, one of my humans ask me to go to a certain station to wherein you wrote words for the person in the picture that was covered up by a sheet. For other people, I realized I had beautiful words.
Then it came time to share- and I wasn’t going to and then another one of my humans asked me to (and I did, because it’s who I am to a fault) and then he asked me to take the sheet off the pictures.
(If looks could kill, he might have been dead)

Under the sheet was a mirror.

But, what I realized was I had stirred something up in myself for someone else, the words were clearly for me. Plain as day ( so I wrote them in “I” form- pictured below).


So, what I want you to do right now is 1 of three things (why not all three?).
1. (The least scary) I want you to write down good, real, true things about yourself.
2. (The next least scary) I want you to text, email, call, carrier pigeon, some words to a human in your life about who they are (look upward at what I said about Victoria- it’s that easy).
3.(The most scary-maybe) Text, email, call, carrior pigeon a friend and ask them if they can tell you three things about who you are as a human. If that feels weird, just say it’s for a job application because they always ask those kind of questions. Or honestly if you are someone that knows me you can 100% text me “Hey Meg, #3 please”

Identity is weird because we get told a whole hell of a lot of things that aren’t true to us but become true.
Identity is weird because we both need and don’t need people to find who we are.
Identity is weird because broccoli is actually good and I’m not too sensitive.

Spain g42

a monologue like katniss & a room like harry

There is a repetitive scene in the final book of the Hunger Games where Katniss keeps going back and reminding herself whom she is
amidst all of the chaos going on around her. She attempts to ground herself in who she is so that she can keep moving. She doesn’t want to lose herself in the middle of all of these new pieces her identity being poured out on her.

I’m sure if we had even more of a picture of the inside of Katniss’s brain that we would have heard lies upon lies piling up. We heard some; her believing that people had wished that had saved Peeta, lies that she wasn’t good enough.
I’m sure there were more.

Most main characters of books; while going through major characters revelations have to remind themselves who they are constantly, because they are continuously getting lied to about what they aren’t. Harry Potter went through life changes like nobodies business. He went from being treated as nothing to being “The Boy who Lived”. But for the first 10 or so years of his life he was relegated to a closet. He was physically told he wasn’t important and didn’t need to take up space. He went from being not allowed to take up room to having friends and people who cared about him.

That kind of truth and change can shake a person greatly. For every truth there are lies that tell you not to listen to the truth.

I’ve been told a lot of truth here in Spain.

And it’s shocked me. Physically, emotionally and spiritually I haven’t known how to take it all in. Bit by bit I’ve taken some. The fourth or fifth week I was here I had truth spoken to and over me and that took my breath away.

I haven’t known what to do with it all.

Just like Katniss and Harry I’ve had to remind myself of who I am and I’ve had to expand it.

I’ve had to move out of the room I’m living in because all of who I am doesn’t fit in the room anymore.

But I’ve found myself going back to the room daily because in all honesty, I’ve lived one way for so long that it isn’t even that it’s easier, it isn’t even that I don’t know different; it’s just that I’ve decorated and figured out how to live.

This past week we had “prophetic activation”. We learned a lot about what prophecy actual is and what it means to prophecy. And it was all so very good. But we also did activation.

At one point I found myself in the middle of a circle of 6 people.

The words that were spoken hit my heart.

And one of the statements that hit me about prophecy came running into my head during the time I was standing in the middle.

Prophecy hits in you. When there are words that you know are from God that hit you straight in your heart.

Because you know. You just know. God’s probably already told you; someone else has already told you.

Prophecy is confirming things already at work in you.

For me, it was a lot of truth that I need to add to statements I speak over myself.

If I don’t I will forget amidst all of the lies that hit my core.

This morning I was hit with lie upon lie. Trying to counteract and contradict all of the statements that I so desperately want to hold onto. Words that I want to believe are true.

Words that I NEED to believe are true for myself.
Statements that don’t fit in my room that I’ve decorated.
Words that cause me to need to renovate, open up the space and walk out the door.

Like Katniss I am going to say who I am. I am going to remind myself to find my footing each day, because I’ve heard and seen some pretty wild things in the past 5 months and I want to hold onto them and claim them as my own.

Like Harry, I am going to accept the fact that I don’t have to live in the small room under the stairs, I can walk out the door and leave it behind.

And if you are someone, like me, who is unable to fit truth in the room with you- remind yourself who you are. Don’t be afraid like I’ve been for so long to add onto what you know about who you are.

There is so much to uncover on ourselves. So much we are unable to see. Allow others to see them, and speak them to you, even (preaching to the choir) when they don’t fit in the space you’ve created.

Knock down some walls, slap up some new paint and create something with the truth you’ve been given.

I am Meg
Worth following
Rock breaker
Worth it.