In search of: a kitchen table

If you are friends with my roommate and I here in Bellingham there is a really good chance that we have cooked or baked for you. 

Like last Saturday I literally spent the whole day cooking. I started with omelettes for 7. We crammed in the kitchen, me making omelettes, Joanna making waffles, we surged the power with the microwave and heater going, we drank coffee from the carafe that I found at a thrift store and then parted ways for the day slowly with my friend Jonathan doing all the dishes for me as we watched the Office. I quickly moved into planning on cooking dinner for the triumvirate that often is gathered around our kitchen island. The three of us ate, drank wine and talked about all the things as per usual.

Cooking and baking and gathering is the tree of life for me, for us.

Sadly, we are missing something from our house that is incredibly important. Yes, there are certain pots and pans and a garlic press that we want. And yes, we need all the seasons of Dawson’s Creek (with the original music, because duh) and our creepy, clown cabinet only has like an 8th of a bottle of gin.

But, what we are lacking above all of that, is a kitchen table. We have a spot for it. A picture of our G42 class in the center of a wall awaiting a table under it. I will admit, we are pretty picky. 

Because, it isn’t just a table to us. It’s so very much more than that. 

It’s a place to land.

A table that’s a little weathered, that maybe has the faint ring of a wine glass, maybe some flowers placed upon it says something.

It says, “come and be.” Come however you are, with whatever day you have had, with whatever you need to shake off, pull up a chair and you can be fed, nourished and loved.

A table says you are not alone. You are cared for in the most basic of ways, which are the ways that truly matter.

We need that symbol to go along with the spirit already in our home. We gather around a lot of tables here in Bellingham. At restaurants, coffee shops, at the Liberty house.

We gather at our little yellow house too. 

But we need that place to set our platters and lay our forks and clink our glasses.

So, without further ado:

IN SEARCH OF: a kitchen table.

Square, or rectangular with leaves that can expand the size, but can also be folded down to fit against our wall. Does not have to be brand-new, we value character and story in our furniture and our lives the same. Has to be able to withstand meals teaming with food and also lively games with beans and dice. Must be able to be the centerpiece for truth, life and laughter. Must be ok with tears and yelling. Needs to be a table that can double as a place for creativity. Where dreams can be dreamt and plans can be made and vision can be established.
And without a doubt, must be a place to gather, a soft place to a land and an easy place to take off from and come back too. 

And must be a place to live from.
The yellow house in Bellingham is searching for a table; can you help us?

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