When it’s not just a TV show

Dear Julie Plec & CO,

In September of 2009 I had been on antidepressants for a little bit under a year, both of my parents had, had stints in the ICU and basically I just needed more joy in my life. I needed something that was mine. 

I didn’t have a lot that was mine. 

So, I settled for something that was “mine” on the DVR queue at my apartment that I shared with three other women. I saw a show that was starting in the fall and I decided to make it my thing. 

That thing, was the vampire diaries. 

At first, I was just a regular tv watcher. I would watch it every Friday after I got off work in the solitude of my apartment. And then I remembered Television Without Pity and recaps and found CIndy McLennan’s writing which took me to Twitter and I found myself apart of a fandom that was lead by the writing voices of Price Peterson and Thomas Galvin, the ladies of TVDnews and the ones that created the Love You To Death companion and of course Zap2It and Carina Mackenzie.

And I found myself interacting and laughing in a span of time where I didn’t know how to do that in the actual world. It gave me human interaction in a time where any actual human interaction brought me to tears. 

It healed parts of me.

It reminded me that I was funny. It reminded me that I had something to say. It was the beginning of a big part of my life which is story brings us together. Fiction or non fiction. Vampire or ER Doctor; story brings us together.

The mention of story brings me to the storytellers, the ones who wrote the story, the ones who brought the story to life through so many different venues backstage and the ones who acted out the story. As a writer, I know pieces of the story were born out of truth, heartache, hurt, laughter and joy. Pieces were born out of whimsy, fun and love for characters. 

I have cried more over vampires then I ever want to admit.

I have laughed, I have “oh girl-ed’, I’ve fallen in love with the bad boy. I’ve thrown things at my TV.

I was sucked into your story. 

And just like all those interactions I couldn’t have in real life at times, you guys gave me a space to have emotions I couldn’t have for myself, until I was able to once again have them.

You gave me space and a renewed creative drive to dive into story when I had lost faith in the world around me. You gave me space to put my foot down and make time for myself when it was the thing I was the worst at. You helped ground me after a year overseas when everything felt new and old and the same and different all at the same time.

Over and over again, the story of vampires found ways to heal me, to connect me, to spur on my own creativity and to be something that felt like it was mine. 

So, I will raise a glass to season 8, the final season. To one more season of adventure and story and whimsy. To finding hope in the darkness and to being a bearer of light you didn’t know you had.

Thank you for all you have done and all of yourself you have given.



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