Bookmark the positive

I can tell you the month and the year (if not the date) of every tragic, hard thing that has happened in my life. I can tell you where I was, what I was doing. I can tell you the emotion I felt prior to the other shoe dropping.
I think that’s sad.
It is also slightly the world we live in.

Even in my job. I rarely hear amazing things before 8 in the morning. It’s mainly a run down of bad things, a run down of things that might make the day harder, a run down of things I did wrong yesterday, a rundown of who won’t be there.

We don’t stop for the positive.

Sure, we celebrate anniversaries and birthdays. We honor achievement. We lift up notable advancements.

But, what would happen if, as often as we said “that was a long week” or “today, was such a Thursday” if we also said, “Today was kick ass!”

If you haven’t noticed, for me, 2017 is about adding positive words in the atmosphere.

Because I sucked at it last year.

Now, I am not saying this is a rose-colored glasses situation. Because there will be hard days and long weeks and tragic moments and unspeakable things occurring in our world. I am not even saying to “find the positive”, even though that’s great.

I’m deciding, that when it’s a good day, I am going to say just that.


Today was a great day.

The sun was shining, the kids were in great moods. We went on a long walk and made people smile. I didn’t get slapped. The kids slept for a long time. We took silly pictures while we made no bake cookies. I went and said hi to the smiley babies. I had a beautiful conversation with some grandparents who thanked me for taking care of their grand baby. I laughed in the office and was productive when I needed to be.

And then my work wife got off early and we got to hang out. And not just an out of exhaustion need someone to lean on but a happy, lighthearted afternoon.

Today was a great day.

And maybe, a year or two from now, I will see this post on my time hop and I will remember the feeling before the great day started. Maybe February 2nd will be this day I remember from now on.

Or maybe it won’t be.

And I know, that I will probably still bookmark the tragic. It will just happen. Because most tragic is also a remembrance of what was and what is about to be.

But, I do know, that I am going to make room for good days. I am going to make room in my life and in my vocabulary.

Let’s choose to bookmark the positive. To dogear that page so we can remember the feeling and the actual-not-from-exhaustion but joyful laughter.

Today was a good day.

I didn’t even have to use my AK.
PS and as a favor can we all please agree to let frozen go away and please play this song on repeat.

One response to “Bookmark the positive”

  1. Love this! I’m doing the same thing trying to notice something positive everyday. I’m using 1 Second Everyday app to record and help remind me to notice something good every day and then at the end of the year be able to see it was a good year. 😊 Love and Miss you friend! 😘

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