blank journal revolution

By 8 every morning my kids have taken out the animals and Legos and dumped them out at least 3 times. By 8 every morning I have helped put the animals and Legos back in the basket at least three times.

Because if the toys are cluttering the room then we don’t have space to play, or in Teacher Meg speak:

We need to pick up these toys and put them away so our friends can have safe bodies and We need to put these toys away so we can get something else out to play with!

We can only get another toy out if we put another away.
We can only have something new come if we make space for what is to follow.


This past Sunday I yelled at God a lot. I yelled on behalf of myself, my roommate and our community.

{God can take my yelling and he did.}

And then Monday, with gritted teeth, I went and bought a new journal. I then took a page out of the Patty Reed book on declaring (that, of course, has a foreword from Tiffany Handley) and I wrote:

“I am here”.

And then I flipped through the glorious, beautiful blank pages.

I was introduced to the blank page when I went on the World Race and the unicorn that is Betsy Garmon doodled and painted her creativeness into my being.

To some the blank page is daunting. The emptiness, the space of it is scary. Having no structure, no lines, no one telling you what picture to color.

But may I change the way you see things?

When you have space it means you have cleaned up, set aside, organized, moved. You deliberately did something in order to have that space. You rolled up your sleeves and did some work. And sometimes, yes, the Legos get dumped out again, but you get quicker at putting them away and making space.

So, basically, a blank journal, is a place to make space for even more. It’s a space to put clutter and thoughts and things that don’t seem to fit anywhere, to make room for lovely and goodness and things that do make sense.

It’s a place to put all of those pieces together; the ones that don’t make sense and the ones that do and have them make sense together.

And then once they make sense, you have space to do more, be more because you have organized what feels like clutter in your mind.

We need space to have the more that God wants to put in our life.

And man, does he want to do that. The more is there for the grabbing, but we just need to make room for it. We need to roll up our sleeves and clean up the damn Legos one more time and put them back where they belong.

Because even the things that seem gritty and ugly have a place in our story. We just need to pick out what’s good and put it back on the shelf in a new box with a new name.

We need to make space to have space to have more.

So this is my challenge; join me in the blank journal revolution. Get your own space to clear out the mess to have more.

And if that seems scary, blank pages with no lines, holler at my roommate and I and we will pray some journal freedom into your life.

Space is a good thing guys, let’s own it.

One response to “blank journal revolution”

  1. i’ve been thinking about blank journals a lot lately too. i can’t actually recall the last time i had a lined journal, though the last I recall was somewhere around 2010. i sure do hope this revolution takes off so that there will be infinitely more blank journals with cool covers available in this world!

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