An open letter to who the hell knows.

Dear human,

I’m sorry that when we met for coffee, facetimed or talked on the phone it seemed as if I was biting my tongue while you spoke. You talked about where you wanted to be or who you wanted to be, or you processed through a lie you’d been battling.

I want you to know that I heard you. I understand that the thing you feel, the lie that haunts you or the goals you wish to achieve feel weighty and insurmountable to defeat or achieve. I want you to know that I believe in you. I believe you can achieve that thing, you can defeat that lie and grab onto that truth.

I’m sorry if it looks like I want to shake you or if my voice starts to raise.

(I’m sorry if I quote the mindy project too much)

But I need you to know that I BELIEVE IN YOU.

I need you to know that you are already that thing.

I guess I bite my tongue for this reason:

I can’t believe for you. I can slam my hand on a table, or look you in the eye and tell you that you are already the thing, the truth, the person.

You don’t have to wait to become anything. You are already the fullness.

You are already free.

You just have to decide. To choose. To believe.

And I know that’s MUCH easier said then done. When the days are long, and tiring, when the lies pile up, when the failures feel like huge and the victories feel small, it’s hard to know that you are still the fullness of the person that you are.

Because it doesn’t feel like it.

But we don’t need to “feel” like ourselves.

We are ourselves. All the time. No matter what.

(This is as much for me as it for you.)

Everyone time I tell you that you are already the fullness of yourself I’m saying it to myself at the same time.

When I look at you I see the full picture of who you are. I see your wisdom, your truth, your hope, your abilities and gifts all on display around you. I see them like an old video game where you just have to grab the icon to power up.

I believe you can grab the icon and power up.

So to you I say; shame off, guilt off, striving off.

Choose to know today that you don’t need to figure everything out first. You are fully the human you were meant to be today.

Take a step in those shoes and see what happens.

You are already the thing. So get to it.

With love,



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